Shabby New Roombox Style

I've been selling quite a few of the 1:12 Shabby Shops lately and they are truly beautiful. Fun to decorate and perfect for 1:12 scale miniatures but I know a lot of my customers need a place to take pictures and with four walls that don't come apart it's hard to get lighting or the right angle. 

I created this little roombox to look like the inside of a French Shop to take pictures of my own miniatures. I know so many of you love the paneled walls so I wanted to offer this in miniature scale (just like the one shown) and also Blythe size. 

These are two and a half walls. No corner trim except on the back corners but trimmed out a finished with my usual dollhouse trim. Crown mold and baseboard along with paneling. 
Painted white and dirtied with a gorgeous (my favorite ever!!) multi layered floor. 

The miniature house will have this adorable double window that opens and closes. Blythe scale will not have the same window. It's not available. 

Visit the Etsy Shop to see the listing and order. Will be ready to ship in 3 weeks. Only taking a very limited number of pre-orders. 7 months pregnant over here guys... slowing down a bit :) And I would like all orders to be shipped by April 15th 


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