Sunday, March 26, 2017

Minis & Shop Ordering Update

I've added a couple of new minis to the shop this week including this teeny tiny green cottage with flowers in the window boxes. I love it so much I may just keep it for myself ;) No kidding! 

There's also one jumping bunny left to purchase in time for Easter. It's ready to ship. The Happy Easter signs are sold out but can be ordered if you want to email me. They may or may not be to you in time though. Please know that ahead of time. 

This bunny is the one still available. More of these can be ordered also. 

I do have a few more new miniatures on the way but they've been selling out pretty quickly so make sure if you see something you like you order it fast. 

I will be working on orders for roomboxes for the next two weeks and then will not be taking anymore until June/July after my maternity "break". We're going to be relaxing and waiting on this little guy to join us for the next few weeks. 

I will still be working on miniatures and putting them up in the shop ready to ship. So stay tuned here Instagram and also on Etsy. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week, thank you for the continued support xoxoxoxo

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Shabby New Roombox Style

I've been selling quite a few of the 1:12 Shabby Shops lately and they are truly beautiful. Fun to decorate and perfect for 1:12 scale miniatures but I know a lot of my customers need a place to take pictures and with four walls that don't come apart it's hard to get lighting or the right angle. 

I created this little roombox to look like the inside of a French Shop to take pictures of my own miniatures. I know so many of you love the paneled walls so I wanted to offer this in miniature scale (just like the one shown) and also Blythe size. 

These are two and a half walls. No corner trim except on the back corners but trimmed out a finished with my usual dollhouse trim. Crown mold and baseboard along with paneling. 
Painted white and dirtied with a gorgeous (my favorite ever!!) multi layered floor. 

The miniature house will have this adorable double window that opens and closes. Blythe scale will not have the same window. It's not available. 

Visit the Etsy Shop to see the listing and order. Will be ready to ship in 3 weeks. Only taking a very limited number of pre-orders. 7 months pregnant over here guys... slowing down a bit :) And I would like all orders to be shipped by April 15th 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

New Furniture

This new furniture is SO sweet that I'm keeping it <3 Can you blame me? 

Listed in the Etsy shop for pre-order though :) 

Get them before they're gone xoxoxo

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Miniatures

There are SO many new Spring Miniatures listed in the shop. Most of these I only had one of. 

It felt like Christmas when the mail man dropped off my packages of new minis to paint. If you want to know the quickest way to my heart... well that's it! 

Sharing a few photos here but head over to the Etsy shop to grab them before they're gone. Only three pieces of furniture added today but I have four more to list this week. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

New Shabby Minis

Happy March! I'm dreaming of Spring around here and flowers blooming 

I've been working on a few new shabby miniatures for the Etsy shop and am listing them right now. There are also so many new pieces of furniture on the way that I can't wait to paint and share with you, along with tons of new flowers. Most pieces will be one of a kind 

Most of the things you see in the picture below will be listed. If something you want is sold out or not listed feel free to email me

With only ten weeks until our baby boy is due I am working more on miniatures because they're a little less time consuming which means... less back pain for this mommy 

Stay tuned for all of the new things.... be sure to follow me for updates on Facebook 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Miniature Price List

From now on any "pre-orders" for wooden nursery miniatures, please message me on Etsy to set up a custom listing.

Prices are as follows:

* Wooden Trains $14
* Bunnies $13
* Cows $12
* Ducks $11
* Stacking Ring Toy $14
* Sheep $12
* Dog Bed $14
* Pull Wagon $14
* Dollhouses $19
* Cradles $14
* High Chairs $12
* Chairs $12
* Tables $14
* Hutch $16

If you buy multiple items I do discount the bundle.

Little Green Shop

Happy Wednesday!! I have this sweet little shop finished and it's going into the Etsy shop today. 

My favorite (and I mean, favorite) little wooden structure that I've built to this day. It's so cute. 
Slightly larger than the one with the bay window that was in the shop in blue. Two large windows to display miniatures and a door in the middle. 

Plexi glass roof, windows and door keep dust out. 
* it will have a door knob tomorrow. I was out of stock but they should be in today ;)

It's painted a pale green (Italian sage) and has the sweetest, and tiniest floral trellis wallpaper on the back wall and then on accents on the front wall. Interior is white and slightly dirty. Floor is white with planks, and also lightly dirtied. 

It's ready to ship! I hope you'll love it as much as I do.  xoxoxo