Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Little Blue Cottage

The little cottage is currently on hold, I'll update if something changes. Thanks so much for the interest you've all shown me for it. xoxoxo

I've listed my little blue cottage on Etsy. I hated to do it but need to rehome this tiny house. If you'd like to purchase it you can email me and I'll reserve it and invoice you for the house cost. Shipping will be invoiced in a few days when it's ready to ship.

The cost of this cottage is $375 + shipping 

Dimensions of the house are as follow:
The dimensions of the house are 16" square and total height is 17"
The inside dimensions are 11" wide x 11.5" deep and the loft area is 5.5" deep. In the front of course the ceiling height space is open but in the back where the loft is the floor-ceiling height is a tiny bit over 9"

I had to take photos in the house this morning so they're not quite as good as I'd like but they will hopefully work :) You can see on the back of the house that I have not put the trim sticks on yet. This is one of the things I was referring to in the listing that I wanted to do before shipping. 

* click to make them larger *

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

May Roombox Slots

I will be taking TWO orders for the month of May only. These can be purchased through the Etsy shop or by emailing me. Mini roomboxes with a roof either empty or with furniture. From here on I will only be taking two orders per month.

I will also be listing one finished Blythe box here on the blog tomorrow. It is my last one and almost complete minus a little touch-up that needs to be done today.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. Things have been busy here but I'm doing my best to get all of the orders finished as quickly as I can. I had a few furnished rooms in a row and they take more planning and time to build.

Please email me with any questions or concerns. xoxoxoxo

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I am having a hard time believing it's already April. Where has the first part of the year gone? I'd swear it was just Christmas. I remember as a child the time from one holiday season to the next would drag on endlessly and the older I've gotten the more I wish I could slow life down. It's a new month and new projects that I'm looking forward to working on. The list is moving along and if all goes well I'll have all the current orders finished this month.

The little blue cottage is finally finished and I'm happy to say I love the way it turned out. I want to age/white wash the room a tiny bit but other than that I love the little house. I need to find some inspiration for how to accomplish this look so I'll leave it alone until I figure that out.

All that's left is to decorate the cottage and that's the most fun part. I think I'm looking most forward to furnishing the little porch.

Speaking of decorating :) I was wanting to make some flowers for the porch so I found some tutorials online for hydrangeas and made my own this past weekend. There's something therapeutic about sitting down for hours working quietly on a tiny project. My hours were a little here and there but it was still nice and felt like a break from the normal. The tutorial I found was this one and I changed the construction of mine and didn't use a flower punch but it gives you the general idea. 

Here was my inspiration for the crates and flowers, life size (and then my mini ones below) Notice the "Gypsy Heart" label I made? *smile*

Also these sweet bunnies are perfect for Easter <3 I do love Spring and it's getting warm here in the South and feeling more and more like winter has left us. Happy Wednesday xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I always have music playing in the background while I work. Though I love quiet, I don't care for silence. Today Ron Pope is on my phone and he's one of my favorites from this decade (there aren't many). Such an amazing voice.

Hope you all are having a wonderful day. New things coming tomorrow-ish  :)
Love to all xoxox

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cottage Decorations

Yesterday I had two packages arrive. One was my swap with Vicky and had the prettiest furniture to fill the blue cottage and the second was a surprise package from Carla containing some of the sweetest little minis. I'm so thankful to have so many amazing people in my life. It will make the cottage even more special to have so many things from different people filling it.

I took a little time last night to arrange things and decide where to put them. I'm happy to say that the project is almost done and now all that's left is the roof. I love the size of the cottage, it's very tiny and manageable but it's not large enough to hold everything I want it to so I'll have to build a roombox or two also.

I wanted to share a few photos of the cottage to show the progress. I don't think the red sofa will stay because I think a settee would look better but it's there for now.

Hope your week is starting off well. Lots of love xoxoxo

Monday, March 17, 2014

Current List

I wanted to bump this to let everyone know where I am and where you are on the list.

I'm currently three weeks out on starting any new orders at this time xoxoxo

* Emma (working on)
* Joan (starting)
* Jennifer x2 (starting)

* Marion (starting end of next week)
* Olga (to be built when ready)
* Samar (starting soon)

* Carla (to be built when ready)

Thank you so much for being patient. <3 I appreciate that more than you know

Saturday, March 15, 2014

a little blue porch...

Another busy week has almost passed and I did manage to squeeze in a little work on the cottage. It's slow going to say the least. I'm hoping to get everything filled and touched up next week and the two roof pieces glued in place so that I can start with the shingles. Best intentions... we'll have to wait and see how those work out.


I also made myself a little dollhouse to go inside.

Speaking of porches :) I got the posts, the little decorations and the porch roof glued in place so that's not too bad. The ceiling of my roof is painted a pale blue or "haint" blue. If you're from the south you've seen plenty of blue porch ceilings in your life and if not then you may have seen them on the web/pinterest etc. If you're not trying to trick spirits (which I'm not) or insects then it's just a sweet way to add color to what would be plain old boring white. It just seemed right to paint the porch roof blue on this tiny cottage.

Here are a few of my favorite blue porches. Maybe they'll inspire you to paint your next porch blue? 

Hope you have a great rest of the weekend and that your projects are going a little faster than mine. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead xox