Monday, August 31, 2015

List Update...

Wanted to bump the list and show where you are. I haven't heard back from two customers so I have taken their names off until I hear back.

I won't be adding any more custom orders to this list. Please purchase a DIY kit from the Etsy shop or a finished roombox when they pop up. xoxox

Thank you all for being patient <3

Current List: 

Working on now... ((hope to finish by the end of next week))
* Olivia
* Emma (furnished mini room)
* Cindy

(up next)
* Barbara 
* Melissa 

Lot of love to you all 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

DIY Kits are BACK!

Roombox kits are back in the Etsy shop limited number available! 

These are not customizable. Meaning I can't add a third wall or a roof or anything special at this time. They are for a basic Blythe or Lati Yellow scale roombox for you to paper, paint and finish on your own. I've had lots of requests for them lately so here they are. Only able to make a few at this time. 


Green Floral Blythe Box

The "Shabby Green Farmhouse" is ready to ship and sized for Blythe or similar sized dolls. This box can come apart and be shipped flat. Shipping will be calculated and invoiced as soon as the box is packed/weighed but I can give you a pretty accurate estimate. In the US somewhere from $18-$25 

This is one of my favorite papers ever and hard to describe but I promise you'll love it in person. It has a pale green background but then writing mixed in with white stripes and some white distressing. Floral bunches I call "gypsy flowers" and then even some pink in the print like splatters almost. It's just gorgeous and very very hard to find because it was discontinued. The white trim has all been dirtied and the floor is done in a medium brown with multiple layers of paint and stain. 

This is a One of a kind box. Only one available. This room is approximately 16" x 17" and suitable for 1:6 scale with plenty of room for furniture

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Rose Cottage

"The Rose Cottage" roombox is finished and ready to ship. It is 1:6 scale Blythe/Barbie size. 
16" x 17" with plenty of room for furniture and decorating. 

The walls are done in a gorgeous floral rose print in pinks and green on a white background. The wainscoting is painted in a matching pale sage green with light aging. The windows have also been lightly aged but nothing too shabby. The trim is all done in a clean white and has not been distressed. The solid wood floor was stained in a medium brown and the shade variations turned out beautifully. 

This is a One of a Kind roombox and won't be rebuilt exactly like this. It is listed in the Etsy shop. All finished and ready to ship roomboxes are $170 (with the exception of paneled boxes) They are not custom orders which is why I offer them at a cheaper price than "customs" 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Commission Update

Back to work and wanted to update the current standings of the list

Please be aware that miniature orders or custom minis sold in the shop are just worked in along with these roombox orders but I usually have the minis ready to go within a week.

I am completely full for August and will not be taking any customs order in September. xoxo

Current List: 

** Michelle (furnished blue box) (almost complete)
** Joyce - custom porch (almost complete)
** Emma - furnished mini room

(up next)
* Olivia
* Cindy
* Lydia
* Melissa

 Lot of love to you all xoxoxo

Monday, July 27, 2015

A few favorites

A few of my favorite pictures from the past few days..... 

Some of my favorite minis and new dresses made especially by Mama Gypsy. She doesn't take custom orders on dresses but if you absolutely love something that's sold out you can message me and we will try to make you something similar. 

As for me, I do take custom orders on most of the minis in the shop. The dollhouses are a big seller and I may be out but can get them fairly quickly if you want to order one or two. 

I will be getting more cows in soon I think. If you'd like to reserve one please let me know.

Hope you all have a wonderful week xoxoxox

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Little Parisian Cottage

The Little Parisian Cottage is complete and perfectly sized for Blythe and similar sized dolls. It is now available in the Etsy shop and ready to ship <3 

I hope you'll love it as much as I do. xoxoxox