Little Green Shop

Happy Wednesday!! I have this sweet little shop finished and it's going into the Etsy shop today. 

My favorite (and I mean, favorite) little wooden structure that I've built to this day. It's so cute. 
Slightly larger than the one with the bay window that was in the shop in blue. Two large windows to display miniatures and a door in the middle. 

Plexi glass roof, windows and door keep dust out. 
* it will have a door knob tomorrow. I was out of stock but they should be in today ;)

It's painted a pale green (Italian sage) and has the sweetest, and tiniest floral trellis wallpaper on the back wall and then on accents on the front wall. Interior is white and slightly dirty. Floor is white with planks, and also lightly dirtied. 

It's ready to ship! I hope you'll love it as much as I do.  xoxoxo


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