Green Floral Blythe Box

The "Shabby Green Farmhouse" is ready to ship and sized for Blythe or similar sized dolls. This box can come apart and be shipped flat. Shipping will be calculated and invoiced as soon as the box is packed/weighed but I can give you a pretty accurate estimate. In the US somewhere from $18-$25 

This is one of my favorite papers ever and hard to describe but I promise you'll love it in person. It has a pale green background but then writing mixed in with white stripes and some white distressing. Floral bunches I call "gypsy flowers" and then even some pink in the print like splatters almost. It's just gorgeous and very very hard to find because it was discontinued. The white trim has all been dirtied and the floor is done in a medium brown with multiple layers of paint and stain. 

This is a One of a kind box. Only one available. This room is approximately 16" x 17" and suitable for 1:6 scale with plenty of room for furniture


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