Karine's Little Blue Farmhouse

We designed the dollhouse/roombox to partly because the small houses with porches kits are very hard to find if you can find them at all and partly to allow international buyers a chance to get one too. With the traditional peaked roof it was next to impossible to get them to ship out of the country without a huge fee for shipping. So we took the usual roombox, added a slanted roof and then added a single porch. A dear customer of mine Karine had fallen in love with last year's "little blue farmhouse" so we made hers extra special with a wrap around porch :) I think it turned out very sweet. 

Hope you'll enjoy seeing her pictures and I'm sure she'll decorate it beautifully when it arrives. xoxox


  1. So glad you made this beautiful and special cottage for me ! It will be my third little piece of Art from you. Thank you again Dany. Can't wait to receive it and of course won't miss to spam you with pics as soon as it arrive here ;-)
    Hugs and thanks from the bottom of my heart !

  2. Sorry I forgot to include the link to my blog wher I will post the pics ;-) : http://fleurdelysdollhouses.blogspot.fr/


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