April Etsy Update

Hello Friends! Or anyone who still stops by here from time to time. I hope you are all doing well.

With social media (and kids) keeping me so busy I have neglected the blog completely. I have been updating the Etsy shop though. Did you see the new goodies?

I post all new products and works in progress over on Instagram so be sure to follow me there

I'll also be sharing sneak peeks of the new "mini of the month" in the next few days, along with a new roombox style.

Commissions are open but I'm completely booked for April and already the first week or so of May. If there's something you'd like you can feel free to message me on Etsy or email me.

I'm working on so many new projects, exciting things to share and a few things that are out of my "normal" range that I just don't have enough hours for creating during the day. Does anyone feel this way?

Please come by my Instagram and say Hi so I can follow you back, Have a blessed week xoxoxo


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