Shabby Memory Boards

I hate to admit it, but I've been holding onto these sweet little frames for about eight months now and never found the time to sit down and work on them. Sometimes big projects take over and smaller ones get set aside for another day, which turns into another month, or year in my case. 

I finally sat down today and made a few for the shop. There are assorted styles and color choices. You can find them all listed in the Etsy Shop. 

Unfortunately I only have one of each of these and I considered keeping them both for myself. That's one of the problems with making your own miniatures and it happens from time to time. 

With the two smaller sized ones I have one of each green, two pink and three white. They are really precious in person and I love the way they turned out. Easy to hang of sit on a shelf or mantle. A little bit of glue or ticky tack on the frame should work perfectly. 

These are all 1:12 scale miniature. I have seen larger rectangle Blythe 1:6 scale ones in white lately and would be happy to make one for you. The cost of those would be $16. 
Please message me on Etsy to order. 

Hope you all have a lovely week xoxoxo


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