Etsy Shop Custom Order Changes

Starting next week, any custom order will need to be discussed with me via Etsy convo/message, then purchased through a custom listing I will set up for you in the Etsy shop.

This will include all miniature furniture, dollhouses and Blythe scale roomboxes. 

I have decided to make things easier on myself I will be posting "ready to ship" items in the shop where I know the weight and box measurements and then the buyers will pay the shipping immediately upon purchase. It will be calculated for them through Etsy. 

Custom orders have been great and I have loved building them for so many of you (and had no issues thankfully) but when you're almost six months pregnant you just don't need the extra stress that you can get from a buyer occasionally  ;) 

At this point I am still planning to take a few custom orders on a limited basis but if these things keep happening I won't be at all. I know you all will understand.

I will NOT be taking any custom orders after the first of March at all. Please get them in before then so I can have them finished up by the end of the month.

Lots of love, if you have any questions about the changes... please email me 



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