Sunday, June 5, 2016

Price List 2016

Well, it's June and I'm just now getting the revised price list up for 2016 ;)  As always, feel free to email me if you have any questions. I look forward to building many more for you all this year xoxo

Do It Yourself Kit $95  
Includes - One large window or Two smaller ones
Blythe size, two walls. + $10 for a door 

Paneled Roomboxes for Blythe 2 wall $170

+ $10 for the door

Blythe Basic 2 wall Roombox $160
Your choice of paint, paneling, wallpaper etc.

Adding a Large Door $15

Three Wall Blythe Size Roombox or
Wider 2 Wall with Custom Window $275 

Three Wall Blythe Box with Roof $350 
With Corner Pantry $400 
(built in and finished or removable)

Miniature Roomboxes with a roof $180 
+ $10 for the bay window

1:24 scale roombox with a roof is $120

Furnished Mini Three Wall Boxes 1:12 Scale $400

Mini Roomboxes 1:12 scale with a porch $250 

Dollhouses $350 - $400 

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